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Genealogy in Romsdal
Hiking in Romsdal
RAF Hudson lost in 1940
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Walks and Scrambles in Romsdal, Norway

      We are an all weather, all terrain family. We go fishing, bird watching, hunting, shooting, we enjoy long hikes and cross-country skiing, and we believe there is always one more mountain to climb. Eva's domain has maps and pictures from our favourite hikes in Romsdal on the north western coast of Norway. See why coastal Norway is on National Geographic's 50 places of a lifetime list. Take a look at fjord-land! Eva's Favourite Walks and Scrambles in Romsdal, Norway

World War II in Romsdal 

      Given our keen interest in local history, it is perhaps not surprising that we have come across a couple of mysteries left behind when the ill-fated North-West Expeditionary Force withdrew from Romsdal on 2 May 1940. For some years we have been trying to get a name on the headstone of a British war grave at Åndalsnes.  Coastal Command Hudson lost in April 1940 in Romsdal, Norway

Family news

      Here is our pictorial review of 2003: 1 2 3 4 5. The review for 2002 is here. The orca Keiko of Free Willy fame died just before Christmas. Read about our visit to Keiko in Halsa. Do you know how to cook fårikål, or får-i-kål? Here's the recipe and a look at how we prepare the national dish of Norway at our cabin in the mountains. Read our distant cousin Bernie Shellum's article on the Norwegian hytte .

Ancestors from Romsdal, Norway

      Our genealogy pages include information from Grytten, Kors, Voll, Hen, Eid, Rødven, and other places in the municipality of Rauma, county Møre og Romsdal. Glenn's annotated census of 1801 is also available. The bygdebok Raumadalsfolket, out of print since 1965, is also here. Take a look at our genealogy pages

Local and Family History, Food and Recipes

      Glenn's domain includes all local history stuff from his old site "A letter from Romsdal" as well as more recent work. Many of these documents are in Norwegian language only. Some of Glenn's recipes are found here as well. Glenn's domain

Norwegian Kids

      Our kids, Yvonne and Robin, have friends and relatives scattered across the world. The Internet is a such a nice way to stay in touch. Take a look and see how two young Norwegians live and what they do! In the summer of 2003 two classmates visited them at our cabin, here is what they did (in Norwegian).