1801 Helpfile


Books and reference formats used in the census tables:

Title / tittel Author / forfatter Sample reference / eksempel på referanse
Raumadalsfolket Henrik O. Røvig RDF-084-4b (page 84, person 4b)
Bygdebok for Lesja (volumes I-III) Arnfinn Kielland BBL1-211-3c (volume 1, page 211, person 3c)
Bygdebok for Eid Karl Myskja BBE-002-3 (page 2, person 3)
Bygdaboka for Voll (volume II) Olav Søvik BBVo-028-6d (page 28, person 6d)
Bygdebok for Holm (volumes I-II) Arnold Solemdal BBH2-025-b6 volume 2, page 25, person b6)

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