By Glenn Murray

(Merk: oppskriftene er også på norsk)

Svele (sing. svele, plu. sveler) is the favourite snack on ferries in the county of Møre and Romsdal. If you have ancestors from this part of Norway and want to 'go ethnic', sveler is an excellent choice. So what is svele ? An American friend called it "The Mother of All Pancakes", and while certainly not part of Norwegian tradition, maple syrup and sveler mix very well. In Norway sveler are served with a spread of sugar and butter.
In 1996 the regional newspaper Sunnmørsposten published a large collection of recipes for svele. Much to my surprise and disappointment, the recipes included just about any ingredient known in the area, apart from herring. In a possible reaction to this, the well known writer Simon Flem Devold published the recipe used by Martha Øvrebust - probably Norway's most famous svele personality. Comparing her recipe and mine, you will find that the only major differences are the use of fat in the batter and the amount of rising agents. This has to do with ease of production; Martha made a living out of cooking svele, and her recipe reflects that.

Les på norsk om kampen for den ekte svelen i artikkelen "...med hornsalt og natron!"

Her er min egen oppskrift og oppskriften etter Martha Øvrebust.